Elective fertility preservation: is it an option for me?

Elective fertility preservation is a technique that allows us to preserve gametes (oocytes or sperm) to have the opportunity to gestate a genetically own embryo in the future. It is […]

Natural cycle in vitro fertilization with sperm donor: what are the advantages?

If you want to achieve a pregnancy with a sperm bank, you have several treatments at your fingertips. One of them is natural cycle IVF, an usual technique at FIVclínic, […]

Relaxation focused on assisted reproduction (II): visualization

The use of relaxation techniques in conjunction with conventional medical treatments is becoming more and more common. The purpose of these techniques? Help us improve our health and reduce stress […]

Genetic carrier screening: what is it and what is it for?

At the fertility consultation we have different genetic testing to provide couples with complete genetic counseling. Depending on the family history, or the diseases that patients may have, different genetic […]

Is there a relation between nutrition and fertility?

We are very aware that food is a health promoter or cause of some diseases. But, do we know if it can influence when trying to have a child? Is […]

Endometriosis: diagnosis through transvaginal ultrasound

As a reference center in pelvic pain and endometriosis, the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has specialized in the diagnosis of endometriosis. The disease, which causes pain during menstruation and can […]

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