Law 14/2006, of 14 May, on assisted human reproductive technology requires donation to be made voluntarily, anonymously, in possession of comprehensive information, and without payment.

Information for the egg donor

Why donate your eggs?

Because there are many couples who suffer with fertility problems, and who have to recourse to using another woman’s eggs in order to be able to have children. Egg donation is an act of generosity, thanks to which some women and their partners are able to make their dreams of achieving pregnancy and becoming parents come true.

Why do some patients need to recourse to egg donation?

There are many possible reasons. It may be that the patient has irretrievably damaged ovaries after having undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy; that they want to prevent the possible transmission of a genetic irregularity to their future offspring; that they have been diagnosed with premature menopause; or when assisted reproduction techniques have been unsuccessful.

What needs to be done?

Contact our Centre, FIVclínic, arrange an appointment and receive full information about the process. The next step will be to carry out a basic assessment of your medical history, your own background and that of your family, a medical examination and a full blood test. The aim here is to rule out any contraindications.

How are the eggs to be donated obtained?

If all is well and you decide to go ahead, in order to be able to harvest your eggs a hormonal stimulation treatment will be necessary. This will take around 12 days, and will be administered subcutaneously. At the end of the treatment the eggs are retrieved by a simple outpatient procedure which takes around 20 minutes. This process consist on the puncture of the follicles by vaginal ultrasound with a needle attached, under sedation, to ensure you feel no pain or discomfort during the egg retrieval process.

Why should I donate eggs at FIVclínic?

Your help and generosity will be compensated. Because no other centre can offer you a guarantee of higher quality than ours. FIVclínic is the Assisted Reproduction Unit at the Hospital Clínic Group. The prestige of our institution and the multidisciplinary services that it provides, ensure that the service you receive will be the very best. The response to any form of complication, however small, will be immediate and will be carried out at the centre’s own facilities.

If you would like to be an egg donor, just fill in the form, call us on +34 932 279 898 or write to and we will contact you.

What legal aspects need to be taken into account?

Law 14/2006, of 14 May, on assisted human reproductive technology requires donation to be made voluntarily, anonymously, in possession of comprehensive information, and without payment.

In accordance with the provisions of (EU) Regulation 2016/679 , of April 27, regarding the protection of the individual in relation to the use of your personal data, we inform you that:

  • The responsible body for the use of your personal data is Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (henceforth “HCB”) registered under CIF Q0802070C, with headquarters in Barcelona, at Carrer Villarroel, 170. You can contact the Data Protection Delegation by e-mailing
  • Your data will be used for welfare purposes by HCB professionals subject to the duty of confidentiality, in accordance with the provisions of article 9.2.h of the Regulation. We will only ask you for data which is essential to your care. Your data may be used for the purposes of teaching and research, in accordance with established legislation regarding patient autonomy and the right of the patient to access information and clinical documentation relevant to their own health.
  • Your data may be shared. It will be incorporated into the ‘Shared History of Catalunya’, unless you indicate otherwise.
  • You have the right to access your data, request the rectification of any inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its deletion. Limit the use of data; dispute and withdraw your consent for the use fo data for specific purposes. You may exercise these rights through the Citizens Advice Unit at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, located at C / Villarroel 170, first floor, 08036 Barcelona, ​​or through Complaints can be lodged with the Catalan Data Protection Authority.

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