Maternal-fetal medicine and pre pregnancy advice

Maternal-fetal medicine and pre pregnancy advice

Dr. Mar Bennassar is a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine..

Her work focuses on the control and follow up of the pregnancy, from the time prior to conception to the puerperium. The most important part of her job is the following:

  • The assessment of risk factors, both maternal and within the family, is necessary in order to be able to assess risk during the pregnancy.The need to introduce changes in medication, or establish treatments and/ or carry out additional checks prior to pregnancy. These measures will be particularly important in patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy, patients with thyroid disease, patients being treated for depression, and patients who have had a premature baby, or a history of miscarriage, among others.

  • Care throughout pregnancy including clinical assessment and the appropriate complementary tests. As a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine, her work focuses on performing the routine ultrasound scans that need to be carried out in the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy, as well as additional tests in the area of assisted reproduction: detailed echocardiographic and neurosonographic assessments.

Her work includes carrying out invasive procedures (chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis) where necessary, as well as the holistic, multidisciplinary assessment of any complications that may arise, whether in the mother, or in the foetus. A specialist in managing all types of multiple pregnancy, as well as providing care during birth and postpartum


Image of an embryo in the 1st quarter for the purposes of measurement of nuchal translucency.

Detailed study of the fetal heart.

Cross section of the fetal brain allowing the evaluation of the intracranial structures.
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