Maternal-fetal medicine and pre pregnancy advice

Dr. Narcís Masoller is a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine.

His work focuses on the control and follow up of the pregnancy, from the time prior to conception to the puerperium. The most important part of her job is the following:

  • The assessment of risk factors, both maternal and within the family, is necessary in order to be able to assess risk during the pregnancy.The need to introduce changes in medication, or establish treatments and/ or carry out additional checks prior to pregnancy. These measures will be particularly important in patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy, patients with thyroid disease, patients being treated for depression, and patients who have had a premature baby, a history of miscarriage or other complications during a previous pregnancy.

  • Care throughout pregnancy including clinical assessment and the appropriate complementary tests. As a specialist in Fetal Medicine, his activity focuses on the performance of routine ultrasounds that are carried out during the first trimester (time to assess the risk of chromosomal or genetic abnormalities), second trimester (detailed examination of the fetal anatomy to rule out the presence of congenital malformations) and third trimester of gestation (assessment of fetal growth and placental morphology and function).

  • Specialist in additional studies carried out in the field of assisted reproduction: assessment of the structure and function of the fetal heart (echocardiography) and of the fetal brain (neurosonography).

  • Specialist in the management of multiple gestations, both bicorial and monochorial.

His care work also includes the performance of invasive procedures (chorionic biopsy, amniocentesis) in those cases that are indicated, as well as the comprehensive and multidisciplinary assessment of complications that may appear both at the maternal and fetal level.

Image of an embryo in the 1st quarter for the purposes of measurement of nuchal translucency.

Cross section of the fetal brain allowing the evaluation of the intracranial structures.
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