Our experience as an Assisted Reproduction Unit has helped us to understand that emotional wellbeing is an extremely important part of the treatment, and this is why we decided to offer psychological support as part of the service we provide. We feel confident that we can support you in your life plan.

Why consult a psychologist?

We know that both the diagnosis and the treatment of infertility are in themselves a significant source of stress for those involved. Not everyone is affected in the same way, but there is great scientific evidence that psychological support is an enormous help in the process of adapting to the situation.

We offer a holistic, personalised approach, taking into account the biological, psychological and social factors affecting our patients.

What are our aims?

  • To reduce the stress levels associated with infertility itself, and its treatment
  • To work towards the achievement of pregnancy under the best emotional conditions

How can we help you?

Some examples of the strategies we use to enhance your wellbeing are: training in stress reduction techniques, relaxation and thought identification, training in problem solving, communication strategies, counselling and psychotherapy.

Depending on your needs and interests, we offer group and individual sessions. In all cases you will find a warm, welcoming space where you will be able to express your emotions, doubts and worries.

You’re pregnant: what happens now?

Your connection with our clinic does not end here, we want to be by your side throughout your pregnancy. We understand that moments of doubt and uncertainty will persist after your experience in the Assisted Reproduction Unit. For this reason we want to be with you to provide support and peace of mind.

During your pregnancy:

  • Training in relaxation techniques: this is extremely important, and should be continued throughout your pregnancy.
  • From week 32 onwards, you can take part in a Prenatal Stimulation Programme for pregnant women. This has multiple aims: stimulating the different senses of the fetus as it develops, in accordance with its stage of development, and also contributing to your wellbeing as a mother, and maternal-fetal bonding.

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