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    Dolors Manau, head of FIVclínic, member of the new board of the Spanish Fertility Society

    Dolors Manau, head of assisted reproduction at FIVclínic, chosen as a member of the new board of the Spanish Fertility Society, as a result of her participation in the “Una […]

    The latest developments in assisted reproduction, at the 33rd SEF’s National Congress

    Part of the FIVclínic medical team participated in the 33rd edition of the Congress of the Spanish Fertility Society to share and acquire new knowledge in assisted reproduction. In addition, […]

    We share our experience at the SEF Fertility Preservation Campus II

    We participated in the II Fertility Preservation Congress, in Madrid, to discuss the latest developments in a ​​growing area of interest in reproduction. Cryopreservation of oocytes or ovarian cortex is […]