Relaxation focused on assisted reproduction (II): visualization

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Relaxation focused on assisted reproduction (II): visualization

The use of relaxation techniques in conjunction with conventional medical treatments is becoming more and more common. The purpose of these techniques? Help us improve our health and reduce stress and pain. Today we want you to know a little more about relaxation focused on assisted reproduction. Specifically, to the technique of visualization.

What is the visualization technique?

The visualization technique is defined as a thought process that invokes the use of the senses. Although the Spanish term visualization seems to refer only to the visual point, the less restrictive English word “imagery” is closer to what the visualization process really is. This process involves the use of the mental image that encompasses all the senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and kinesthetic sensations of movement, position and touch.

Therefore, relaxation techniques based on imagination propose the mental visualization of situations, sensations and emotions as a vehicle to reach a state of relaxation.

Through a series of verbal instructions, the organism is induced to mentally experience states of tranquility, calm and mental relaxation.


For whom is the visualization technique recommended?

Visualization is recommended for physical and cognitive symptoms associated with stress. Also in preparation for activities that require effort and coping with stressful situations associated with specific stimuli.

What is the difference between meditation and visualization?

The difference between meditation and guided imagery is that the former does not necessarily recreate ideas, visions or images in the mind. Meditating can simply be a state of concentration and alertness that is generated by breathing and by focusing attention on a point or nothing.

Some see guided imagery as a doorway to the inner world of people. They believe that it could be a great help to transform their reality, to go hand in hand with a conventional treatment.

Obviously it is not for everyone but, if it works for you, it can be a great ally if you are immersed in a reproduction process. Plus, it focuses on positive thoughts and has no side effects. It is worth a try!

How can I contact your specialized reproductive psychology service?

Whenever you need you can write to our specific email and we will help you in any way we can.

Marta Garcia. Consulting psychologist of FIVclínic.

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