Fivclínic is a benchmark centre in natural cycle IVF, a treatment that we have used for more than 10 years with good success rates.

Natural cycle IVF is a gentle technique that allows the development of the egg selected by your ovary, which favours good embryo quality with a treatment that does not require medication, and has a good chance of being successful.

Natural cycle in vitro fertilisation


Who is this treatment for?

If you have already done other treatments, such as artificial insemination with donor semen, you have several tests performed. You just have to keep in mind some requirement to consider IVF in natural cycle as a treatment to achieve pregnancy:

  • Women aged under 40 with a low ovarian reserve who have not managed to achieve multiple follicular development (of diverse follicles) in prior IVF cycles with hormonal stimulation.
  • • When ovarian stimulation is not recommended, as in certain hormone dependent disorders.
  • When the patient does not wish to undergo hormonal stimulation.
  • In cases of repeated poor oocyte quality where hormonal stimulation may have an impact.

Natural cycle IVF is a useful resource for achieving pregnancy using the couples own gametes in some patients previously advised to opt for egg donation.

It is important to take into account the need for a regular cycle — it is not possible where the cycle is irregular.

What are the advantages of natural cycle IVF?

It is a very gentle treatment that allows us to optimize the development of the ovum that grows within the follicle that grows in the ovary. We thus favor obtaining the best embryo in a treatment carried out without medication and with the probability of success. In fact, it is increasingly considered a good option for several reasons:

  • Absence of hormonal treatment, hCG is only administered when the puncture is programmed to promote the maturation of the ovum within the follicle.
  • Control without modification of the growth of the follicle and the preparation of the endometrium, thus favoring an optimal environment for the implantation of the embryo.
  • Optimal chances of pregnancy, especially if you are under 40 years of age, which can lead to a higher gestation rate than in women who undergo treatment for other reasons, such as low ovarian reserve.
What is natural cycle IVF?

It is a simple process. In a spontaneous ovarian cycle, the follicular growth and the thickness of the endometrium are monitored by ultrasound and blood test. During the course of the cycle, two to five check ups are required. It is only necessary to administer HCGr and a GnRh antagonist to schedule the time for follicular puncture. Subsequently the fertilisation of the egg and the embryo transfer will be carried out in the usual way.

How many natural IVF cycles can be carried out ? Do you need to wait for a long time between treatments?

There is no maximum number of natural IVF cycles that can be carried out. However, we know that after 3-4 unsuccessful attempts the chances of success diminish significantly. On the other hand, as no medication is administered when pregnancy is not achieved, it is possible to try again on the following cycle without needing to wait longer.

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